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If software has been loaded and the camera is not detected  it is essential to ascertain whether the camera is working, for this purpose go to Dino-Lite website and download Dino Capture 2, load and check camera is functioning correctly.

Note. Dino-Lite software does not require the DesKey dongle, so it is simply bypassed, this only proves that the camera is producing an image and not that the DesKey is functioning.

When loading a previously supplied software to a new computer with an upgraded operating system, the DesKey drivers supplied on the old software will require to be upgraded. 

If Microseam software does still not open if possible load Microseam software to a different computer, if it works on this computer it is advisable to remove and reload latest version to the original compiuter.

When installing new software for standard and professional versions, download format and data files from original set up before installing new version, these can be pasted into new set up avoiding having to recreate format and data files also retaining archied data.

Upon loading software the following message may appear.

This is a simple problem to correct, go to DESKey. and down load the latest drivers for DK 2 DesKey,
before  loading  to your computer, go into Windows system on your computer, select Control panel, select Programs and Features, find old DESKey DK 2 drivers and delete.

Then upload the NEW version, this problem will not occur if you down load the latest software from our website as the original software supplied will have an older drivers version, which will not work with newer software downloads.

Another error message which may occur from times to time is as follows.

Again simple to correct, remove USB camera lead from computer and re-insert, if problem persists, change USB ports on the computer. 

For other problems please contact for referral to our software engineer.