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Can measuring using MIS 4 software and reflected image visual seam gauge

There is a commonly held impression that using this type of instrument is extremely slow and labour intensive, contrary to this opinion a Microseam visual seam gauge interfaced with our Microseam Inspection software 4 is capable of rapid measurement of all horizontal parameteres of a single cut in one continuous pass.

Simply section the can and bend the end into the body as normal, then place can onto seam gauge table and focus.

Once can is focused measurement may begin.

Go to take a measurement in software and follow the template image with measuring points indicated, see image below.

Take a Measurement Screen

The red line on extreme left hand side of the screen indicates the datum measuring point, move the cursor to this position and zero the instruments read out and press next in the dialogue box.

Line 1 turns blue and line 2 turns red, move the cursor to that point and press next on dialogue box,

As each red measuring point is entered the subsequent blue line is highlighted in red until the measuring cycle for that cut is achieved.

When measuring cycle is completed and accepted the parameters are automatically calculated and stored.

Measuring operation for subsequent cut is initiated.

Turn can to next cut and repeat operation until all cuts have been measured.

With the template indicating where to measure, training new operatives is simplified.

Please see M.I.S Software page for software specifications.