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Overall Can Height Comparator.

The purpose of the can height comparator is to measure the precise height of flanged cylinders and cans with one or both ends fitted.

This instrument can also be used to measure trimmed can height and necked can height of two piece cans and necked / flanged cylinder height.

To operate, move dial gauge to the top of the required setting block ( Not supplied) , zero dial gauge and  simply read the deviation  to give  the height.

Setting blocks are required with this instrument (These are suplied upon request).

Instrument can be interfaced to our various versions of MIS software via an (optional extra) power / data cable.

When requesting a quote please supply the following information:-

Type of gauge: Analogue or Digital Version ( IP rated or non IP rated).

Metric or Imperial.

Resolution: 0.01mm or 0.001mm. (0.00039" or 0.000039")

Can heights to be measured.