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Bench Flange Width Gauge.

The purpose of the Flange Width gauge is to measure the width of the flange on cylinders of open cans.

The instrument consists of a sturdy base fitted  with a fixed anvil to locate the inner wall of the cylinder, there are stainless steel can platforms for can to sit level to the dial gauge centreline.

On the reverse side of the base is a spring loaded table with can locating pins that centers the can and provides a constant  pressure for  measuring, eliminating individual operator errors.

To operate the instrument, zero the dial gauge to the fixed anvil, pinch the two operating levers on the right hand side of the base together, this opens the working area, place can onto the platforms and gently release the levers, the mechanism closes, centring the can and releasing the moving anvil of the dial gauge to contact the can, reading may now be taken.

Instrument can be interfaced to our various versions of MIS software via an optional extra) USB power / data cable for automatic accumulation of data.

Available in analogue or digital version ( IP rated or non IP rated ).

Metric or Imperial.

Please state the following when requesting a quote.

Analogue or (Digital Version IP rated or non IP rated).

Resolution: 0.01mm or 0.001mm. (0.00039" or 0.000039")

If (optional extra) USB power / Data cable is required on digital IP rated models for automatic input.