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Longueville, Pound Lane, Smeeth, Ashford, Kent. TN25 6RJ. England

Microseam 5 Hd Budget package for Craft breweries and mobile canners.

Basic budget package.

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Microseam 5 Hd budget system is a cost effective, high-resolution instrument, simple to setup and use, may be expanded as your operation grows by purchasing a new licence code.

Single phase budgrt can seam sectioning saw for cutting slimline, sleek and standard  66mm  diameter  beverage cans.

Please NOTE: Optional budget double seam  thickness  and  countersink  gauges  available  upon request.

Please NOTE budget system has no interface for optional digital gauges.

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Optional  Extra's.

Budget double seam thickness gauge, (digital or analogue).

Budget countersink gauge,  (digital or  analogue)  plus setting  piece.

OM disk, USB pen drive and printed software guide.