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Budget single phase can saw.


The single phase Budget can saw is an  entry level   cost effective option, ideal for  craft breweries 
and with physical properties that makes this small powerful unit perfect for mobile canners.

Specifically designed for 2 piece beverage cans , with an internal guide for cutting slimline, sleek and standard
66mm diameter cans producing two parallel cuts up the can body for the purpose of double seam visual inspection.

Waste cut material captured in internal removable container.

Internal cut depth stop, reducing cutting time.

The cutting process is quick, precise and safe .

Enclosed in noise reducing cabinet.

Two off M35 blades cut at a speed of approximately 1.350 rpm to produce a fine cut surface for
visual inspection and measurement on microseam 5 Hd digital seam gauge systems.

Safety design.
Budget saw has multiple safety features to ensure the safety of the operators.

(1) Internally activated
safety switch the can body has to be inserted onto cutting table position before
the motor will start this reduces accidents caused by carelessness operation.
(2) Removable mains supply lead.
(3) Illuminated ON / OFF mains supply switch.
(4) Momentary self returning switch, which has to be depressed to energise the circuit.
(5) Both operators hands have to be employed during cutting operation.

Cost effective M35 H.S.S 100mm x 0.5mm x 22mm blades.
Can cutting depth stop.
Simple blade replacement.
Easy clean stainless steel outer casing.

Available as 110 volts version.

Supplied with the following.
1off tommy bar.
1 off cleaning brush.
1 off small pair of pliers.
1 off allen key.

Dimensions: 305mm long x 175mm wide x 180mm high.
Weight: 11 Kg ( 24.2 lb ) approximately.