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Aerosol Can Microseam 4 Visual Seam Gauge.

Models available.

A.M.V.S.G. 30.

A.M.V.S.G. 30 has been designed to measure all diameter of aerosol cans, using tooling plates for each cone end and a blanking plate to measure dome end.

Unit utilize a readout consisting of 5 separate, 7 segment red L.E.D displays driven by an incremental optical encoder and has an RS232 output to interface with our statistical process control software (MIS 4).

Readouts configured for real time interface with customers existing SPC software available upon request.

A.M.V.S.G 30 may be used as a stand alone instruments, NO software required to operate.

Model to ROTATE image 90 degrees available upon request.


X 30 magnification.
Metric to imperial measurement changed by a switch.
9 way D-plug for RS232 computer interface, can be altered to USB upon request.
Accuracy of + or - 0.005mm (0.0002").
260 mm x 180 mm screen size.
Illumination source 12 volt, 100 watt, 2000 hour tungsten halogen lamp (spare supplied).

Steel base finished in electro-statically applied magnolia powder paint, black anodised aluminium and natural stainless steel.