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Aerosol Can Seam Sectioning Saw.

Aerosol can seam sectioning saw for steel aerosols .

Designed with a 10 mm thick base plate and a large powerful motor the saw provides an extremely stable cutting platform, using a 550 watt  motor, utilizing 8 Newton meters of torque to run two M35 H.S.S. 100 mm diameter by 0.50 mm thick high speed saw blades at high speed, to cleanly cut the can to expose a cross section of the finished can.

Unit has almost instantaneous starting and stopping capability with minimal noise level.

Seam sectioning saw is supplied with a single seam fixture of the customers choice as standard.

Saws bespoke manufactured to customers specifications, i.e. wider tables or different cut widths to suit other viewing instruments.

Features include.

Dual control, operator must employ both hands at all times.

Removable waste cutting material tray with safety cut out, activated whenever the tray is removed.

Can detection proximity sensor.

Ultra low control circuit.

Earthed to a central point.

Linear bearing cutting platform.

Automatically returning blade guard.

Cost effective blades ( M35 H.S.S. 100mm OD x 22mm ID x 0.50mm thick x 280 teeth ).

Small tool kit provided for routine maintenance.

CE approved.

Weight. 26 Kg. ( 57.2 lbs ).

Dimensions. 415 long x 280 wide x 270 high.

Available in 110volt version.


Finished in clear anodised aluminum with a stainless steel cladding.